Here is how Alexis and Jim found Genesis Park in Genesis World.

Meanwhile, Alexis and Jim were walking across the jungle. They were , .

Alexis: I hope Yuna and the others will find us.

Jim: Me too.

Alexis: Jim, Look!

Jim: What is it?

Alexis: I think I see a building. Come on!

Jim: Wait up!

Then, Alexis and Jim found Genesis Park, The place were their grandfather made.

Alexis: Mom and Dad should be here too.

Jim: Yeah, And Uncle Raptor Claw too.

Alexis: Come on!

Jim: I'm coming!

Alexis and Jim: Grandpa!

Professor Mosquito Amber: Kids!

Raptor Claw: Alexis! Jim!

Jim: Uncle Raptor Claw!

Alexis: Mom! Dad!

Ellie: Alexis! Jim!

Larry: How'd you get all the way here!?

Alexis: It's long story. Grandpa, There was this theme park called Genesis World.

Professor Mosquito Amber: I know. I've bailed Radcliffe out of prison because he realized how wronged he was about his actions back at Manehattan.

Alexis: There was a half Piranha, half Anaconda, The Piranhaconda.

Jim: It was this bigger than a Titanoboa only it's not prehistoric.

Professor Mosquito Amber: Someone must have tried sending it to cause a terrible damaged.

Larry: This is not good.

Alexis: I have an idea.

So, Their family trust them for Yuna's sake.

In the garage, The jeep were unused. It was found in Jurassic World, It was never tested before.

Larry: Well, It's not much. But it was going to be our future attraction for Genesis Park.

Jim: That is so cool, Dad.

So, Larry and Ellie hopped in the vehicle to make ready while Alexis and Jim are at the back seat.

Ellie: Let's give this a little test.

The jeep started, Gas was already full and ready to go.

Alexis: Whoa! It worked!

Jim: I'll say!

Larry: Buckle up, You two. We'll give you a lift to Genesis World ASAP!

Ellie: We'll be back soon, Dad.

Professor Mosquito Amber: Good luck to you all!

Jim: Thanks, Grandpa!

The jeep is now on it's way to Genesis World, They've gone in hot pursuit.

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