Arachna (voiced by Dakota Fanning) is the daughter of Fluttershy and Humblebee, Her name is based off the type of family that spiders are in (Arachnids). She also happens to be even shyer than her mother. She practically never wants to leave her mother's side. But if it happens, She gets in a maddened frenzy to try and find her (Because of this, She's homeschooled. Exclusively because of the Schoolhouse incident.) Unlike other ponies her age, she not only tolerates spiders, she actually likes them as well. She doesn't like mean ponies or seeing her friends get hurt. For some strange reason, she happens to be fluent in insect (She can talk to bugs). Arachna is one of the main protagonists of Yuna's Princess Adventure franchise.



Fluttershy was always a kind and understanding mother, She give Arachna some homework while she's homeschooled. Even though her passion was different from her mother, Arachna still loved her mother.


While Humblebee went to the vet, Arachna fixed up his clinic until he gets back home.


Dragonsly was always too crazy for Arachna to handle, But she's always a helpful sister at heart.

Zephyr BreezeEdit

Zephyr Breeze was loving and fun uncle to Arachna and Dragonsly. Whenever he's not too busy with his mane style job, He loves spending time with his own nieces while his sister is away.

Marble PieEdit

Marble Pie was a loving and caring aunt to her nieces, Arachna and Dragonsly. Whenever she needs help with wheel barrel full of rocks, They gave her a hand any quicker way they can.

Finn BreezestoneEdit

Finn Breezestone loved to find the pets' clues, He was even happy to help his cousins find any of their missing pets.

Mr. and Mrs. ShyEdit

While at Mr. and Mrs. Shy, Arachna always love helping her grandmother with her flower garden by letting a few bees collect nectar from her flowers. She even love looking at her grandfather's cloud collection.


When the bullies teased Sunbeam, Arachna defends her by using her stare at the bullies. In return, They became best friends ever since along with Dragonsly.


Since Arachna first met Gypsy, She was a kind and gentle moth. When she's not too busy, She spends sometime with her.


Since Arachna first met Vanessa, She always try to be nice to her along with Dragonsly as a good friend does.