Here is how Hoot Loop sends word to the rest of the Skylanders in Genesis World.

Meanwhile at Skylands, Hoot Loops appears out of nowhere. He .

Hoop Loop: Spyro! Alert the rest of the Skylanders! There's trouble!

Spyro: We're on it, Hoot Loop!

Kaos: Golden Queen! Alert the others! There's trouble!

Golden Queen: Of course, Kaos!

As the Skylanders and Golden Queen and her company were gathered, Hoot Loop explained the emergency.

Hoot Loop: I've just overheard the Nightmare Family and Bill Cipher planing to steal the Journals, Rule Armageddon and Weirdmageddon, Take over the universe and gain control on everything.

Kaos: It was a monstrous snake coming to Genesis World!

Golden Queen: What kind of snake?

Hoot Loop: It was Half Piranha and Half Anaconda!

Wolfgang: How do you describe it, Your Highness?

Golden Queen: The Piranhaconda, I should've known. We must send word to Canterlot, The Crystal Empire and the Castle of Friendship Immediately!

Luminous: Yes, My Queen.

Nightshade: At once, Your Majesty.

The Princesses are taking care of their babies as the alarm was spreading.

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