Bones (Dino Charge)

Bones (voiced by Robert Mignault) is a bone-themed outlaw and one of Sledge's minions. Bones is one of Sledge's outlaws and one of the most willing to follow his orders, being summoned by his master rather than restrained and subdued like most of his peers. He is also more competent than the others, nearly succeeding at his mission. However, his underestimation of his enemies leads to his undoing.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Bone Cage: Bones can launch bone-like cages to trap his enemies with.
  • Energy Rings: Bones can fire red energy rings from his hands.


  • Courage Remover Jar: He uses the jar strapped to his left side to collect and contain backbones which hold the essence of courage, their removal can cause any victim to immediately become cowardly. In addition, Bones can throw bone clamps to ensnare anyone.