Cavity (voiced by Kelson Henderson) is a baker-like monster in Sledge's ship sent to cause an uproar in the populace of Amber Beach. Cavity, at first, seems a cheerful and happy-go-lucky outlaw, more than willing to carry out orders from Poisandra and Curio. However, as soon as he is given a mission, he forsakes any respect for anyone but Sledge and follows his orders out to the letter and reveals his true evil self. His overconfidence in his own skills, however it leads to his defeat at the hands of the Dino Charge Rangers.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Baking Skills: Cavity is a skilled cake baker, able to create cakes perfectly in his ideals, but since his true reputation is a criminal rather than a baker, his cakes are capable of decaying teeth with the decayed area glows purple and delivered an intense pain to the victims, but the effect can be removed upon his death.
  • Decaying Beam: From his rotten teeth, he can fire purple energy lasers that are capable of decaying his target's teeth. Like his cakes, the effect can be removed upon his death.


  • Piping Bag Arm: His left hand is armed with an icing piping bag that he used to create the cake by summoning the intended ingredients.
  • Fireballs: When in battle, it is capable of unleashing destructive fireballs.
  • Egg Beater Arm: His right hand is armed with a big egg beater which he used in his cake baking.
  • Club Mode: The beater can also be used as a makeshift club for close combat.