Dizchord (voiced by Dean Young) is a cricket-themed Insectoid and the sixth member of Warstar to go to Earth. He is summoned by Malkor to deal with the Rangers in an unorthodox manner through his terrifying soundwaves. He was sent down to Earth to create painful music with his guitar armor. Virtually everyone near him who hears his music is physically harmed by it, especially Emma and Troy. Oddly enough, Mr. Burley and Ernie enjoy the music, and didn't seem to be harmed by it. In addition to that, he can blast sonic booms from his twin guitar chest, in battle. His music can also increase the strength of the Loogies, during battle. Like Somnibot and Guitardo, who are music-themed monsters, Dizchord prefers to deal with matters through music. He brags about how good he is. He is able to empower the Loogies and his music has a terrible pitch that further damages anyone who hears it. However, Emma's voice and her own musical tune when she battles him as a giant silence him for good.