Dragonsly (voiced by Grey DeLisle Griffin) is the daughter of Fluttershy and Humblebee, She is practically a living pinball. She's quite the hyperactive pony. She has no trace of shyness whatsoever, and sometimes can't sit still for a second! For a pegasus foal her age, she is surprisingly aerodynamic. She happens to be good friends with Brownie. She likes playing around, and her favorite game to play is Hide-and-Seek. She absolutely hates being frightened (If she is, she starts going Pinball). She does care about her friends, though, and she stands up for them no matter what..



Arachna was always annoyed from her sister, Dragonsly. But through and through, They still loved each other.


Fluttershy was always a kind and caring mother to Dragonsly and Arachna. If she's not to busy with her animals, Fluttershy always spend some time with her loving daughters.


When Humblebee was at the vet, Dragonsly couldn't wait to play hide and seek with her father whenever he's finish working.

Zephyr BreezeEdit

Zephyr Breeze was never busy to spend time with his favorite niece, Dragonsly.

Marble PieEdit

Marble Pie also was the great aunt. Dragonsly loves to play hide and seek with her, It was always her favorite game.

Finn BreezestoneEdit

When Finn Breezestone was the best cousin to Dragonsly, He helped her find her lost pet in trouble.

Mr. and Mrs. ShyEdit

When Dragonsly was only a baby, Mr. and Mrs. Shy loved helping Fluttershy take care of their own granddaughter. When Dragonsly grew older, She loves seeing her grandfather's cloud collection.


Gypsy was always a kind friend to Arachna and Dragonsly, Because she enjoyed spending sometime with them if not too busy.