Duplicon (voiced by Paolo Rotondo) is a molding iron-themed outlaw imprisoned within Sledge's warship and the one monster who is chosen by Poisandra to carry out her first authorized mission under her mate's command, due to his likeness and special abilities. Duplicon is a cheerful outlaw who playfully enjoys to tamper with his enemies. He follows the commands without question after being set free, but countermands Fury by reminding him that Poisandra is in control of the plan. However his inability to change strategies, once the Dino Charge Rangers defeat his clones, proves to be his undoing. At the Halloween special, he displays a more playful side along with Curio and embodies the trick or treat spirit of Halloween along with his fellow.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Shapeshifting: By turning his hands into a pair of molders and placing them onto someone's head, he can turn turn his target into the shape of anyone he wishes.


  • Branding Bar: He uses this weapon for hand to hand combat or thrust it onto a opponents body as well as a movable shield to deflect incoming hits.
  • Laser: He can fire yellow energy laser from his Branding Bar.
  • Fireballs: He can also throw fireballs from his Branding Bar.