Gold Digger

Gold Digger (voiced by Scott Wills) is a treasure/history-themed outlaw under Sledge's command. Gold Digger employs dirty tactics against his enemies, such as fooling them with explosive money, as well as more forceful ones, like crushing them with stone slabs and cutting them apart with his sharp pickax. His persona is a mixture of playful and sadistic, with the side dominating depending on his mood. However, due to his inability to adapt to Armor X, which can penetrate and destroy his strongest shields, proves to be his ruin.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Heads Or Tails: Gold Digger will flip a coin and ask the enemy if it will land on its heads or tails, if the enemy is wrong, they will burst into golden energy.
  • Golden Coin Bombs: Gold Digger can throw exploding golden coins at his enemy's.
  • Golden Coin Barrage: Gold Digger can launch many coins in the air and have them fall and make the ground explode.


  • Golden Pickax: Gold Digger is armed with a golden pickax for close melee combat.
  • Stone Slabs: Gold Digger has stone slabs for blocking attacks.
  • Stone Slab Multiplied: Gold Digger will launch a stone slab in the air, make it large, then multiplied and they will rain down and bury the enemy deep underground if they are under it.