Grem and Acer
(voiced by Joe Magenta) and Acer (voiced by Peter Jacobson) were Professor Z's goons in Cars 2. Grem is an orange Gremlin and Acer is a green Pacer.

Main WeaponryEdit


  • Missile Launcher: In the airport escape, Grem reveals a

missile launcher on his right side. He launches it at Finn McMissile, but Finn launches a missile at that one, and they cancel each other out. He uses it once in the film.

  • Deployable Vickers Machine Gun: Located on the opposite side of

the missile launcher. In an attempt to get Lightning McQueen and Mater in London, he and Acer got out their weapons.


  • Deployable Vickers machine guns: Acer used a machine gun in the airport

very briefly, but it turns out Acer has two machine guns, one in the right, and another in the left. In the film, he uses the right machine gun in the airport escape, and the unexpected left one in London's streets to get Mater.