Iceage (voiced by Gerald Urquhart) is an ice-theme monster and is the first monster encountered by the Dino Charge Rangers, as well as the first outlaw to descend to the planet after Sledge returns to Earth. Iceage is a monstrous, ill-tempered, sneaky, intelligent, persistent, and sadistic outlaw with a literally cold heart. He would go as far as murdering those in his way by freezing them. Despite his persistence, his anger is his worst own enemy, as it caused him to underestimate the Rangers and be defeated.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Cyrokinesis Blast: Iceage can fire an explosive ice blasts that at enemies that can freeze them upon touch.


  • Ice Claws: Iceage possess two huge arms with massive hands that end in icicles that doubles as claws for close melee combat.
  • Energy Lasers: Iceage can also fire blue energy lasers from his clawed fingers at his enemies.