Here is how Yuna and her friends joined Radcliffe in The Lost World: Genesis Park.

Just as everyone got together, Yuna and Radcliffe met face to face.

Radcliffe: If you haven't got in the way, I would've made a fortune right about now.

Svengallop: We're stuck here, Thanks to you all!

Princess Yuna: Animals aren't meant to be captured like this.

Princess Skyla: You all brought this on yourselves.

Armor Bride: They deserve comforts and freedom in their own space.

Sweetie Heart: Well, We can't just stand here.

Scander: We'll have to get back home.

Britney Sweet: So, Radcliffe. We can do this the easy way or the hard way.

Radcliffe: Don't even try it.

Thorax: Oh yeah, Tough Guy? Well, I'll bet you'll be put behind the bars if we set foot on Canterlot.

Radcliffe: We'll see.

Princess Yuna: We're gonna have to work together on this.

James: Are you alright, Eliza? Anything broken?

Eliza: No, Daddy. I'm fine.

James: That's good. We'll just have to get home soon.

Figge: And we will, James.

Everyone and Everypony were presented and accounted for.

Orange Bloom: We'll just head to the docks. It's time we stop jumping into any conclusions and start working things out.

Snowdrop: We don't have a choice now, Yuna.

Yuna and Radcliffe agreed with Orange Bloom and Snowdrop.

Radcliffe: (looking at the map) It says here. There was an old communication center here in the docks, Let's get going.

Princess Yuna: You heard him, Let's go!

Princess Flurry Heart: I'm with you, Yuna.

Bart Simpson: Eat my shorts, Radcliffe.

Lisa Simpson: Bart, Come on!

Starlight Glimmer: As much as I don't trust Svengallop, I'd say we follow Yuna's choice.

Ford Pines: Alright then, It's decided.

The team set off to the docks. The Journals started glowing again, Svengallop had to wait for his chance for them.

Meanwhile, the Princesses are waiting for Yuna and the others to return.

Prince Isamu: (cries)

Princess Luna: Shh, It's alright, Isamu.

Prince Tyrone: (cries)

Prince Flashlight: (cries)

Princess Cadance: There, There. It's okay.

Prince Indy and Princess Anna: (cries)

Princess Celestia: It's okay, Little ones. They'll make it home.

Prince Isamu: (snuggles with his Mama)

Prince Tyrone: (snuggles with his Mommy)

Princess Luna: I hope Yuna and her friends are alright.

Princess Cadance: I don't understand why they'd took off without telling us.

Hiro: Don't worry, They'll return soon. They always return soon.

Shining Armor: Hiro's right. We must keep our hopes up.

Duck: And we will, Shining Armor.

Princess Sharon: I miss Yuna.

Princess Solarna: Yeah, Me too.

Twilight Sparkle (Human): We'll just have to keep waiting.

Princess Luna: (to herself) Yuna, Please hurry home soon.

So, Everyone kept on waiting for their return home.

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