Maid Marian

Maid Marian aka Lady Marian (voiced by Monica Evans and Minnie Driver) is Robin Hood's love interest in the movie Robin Hood and Moon Shoes' babysitter.


Robin HoodEdit

In her childhood, Maid Marian meet Robin just before she left for London. When Robin Hood married Lady Marian, They had the most happiest life ever.

Lady KluckEdit

Marian and Lady Kluck were always best friends.


Lady Marian sometimes visit Emerald, but Marian always wipes her feet on the mat, took her purple flat shoes and put on indoor shoes (that was replica of them) after Rarity gave them that was for any ????.

Moon ShoesEdit

When Moon Shoes as a baby, Marian came to babysit. Moon Shoes loved Marian because she was so beautiful, kindness and pretty. Marian also feeds Moon Shoes with her favorite chocolate pudding and gave her a bath with bubbles. When Moon Shoes grew tired, Marian rocked her to sleep with a music box playing "Love". When Moon Shoes grew into a filly, She really loves to hang out with Marian.

Lunar LightEdit

Right after Moon Dancer gave birth to Lunar Light, Maid Marian was so happy to see the newborn foal. At Zootopia, Maid Marian happily babysitting Lunar Light with Moon Shoes' help.


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