Metal Alice

Metal Alice (voiced by Sophie Henderson) is a powerful robot created by Vrak in his underwater laboratory in order to defeat the Mega Rangers. Metal Alice is one of the seven chief antagonists at Power Rangers Megaforce, the only female among them, and most prominent at its third arc. Metal Alice is the main villainess of the series as well as the leader and highest-ranking member of the Robots. Metal Alice is portrayed as cold, ruthless and manipulative. She is devoted to Vrak to the point that she saved and rebuilt him into a cyborg and would sacrifice herself for him. She even went as far as getting rid of his emotions while turning him into a cyborg, making him even more cold-blooded than in his fully organic state. Metal Alice believes that humans should be enslaved and eliminated and that machines should rule over humans. She is also determined to the point of obsession to get Robo Knight to her side. Although she regards Vrak considerably, she bears even more respect to Admiral Malkor, implying she would not betray him.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

  • Metal Slasher: Alice can use her mighty metallic spear, transfigured from her tablet, to slash her enemies by striking them in rapid succession, inflicting massive damage or destroying them outright.
  • Eye Ray: Alice can deploy strong and focused energy beams from her eyes in order to stun, distract and damage foes at pointblank, close, medium and long range depending on battle factors.
  • Chest Detonator: Alice can fire a massive crimson-hued laser from the upper portion of her chest. It is employed as a resort, since it is her most powerful move.
  • Technique Turnabout: Alice can rotate her spear in a circular manner in order to either deflect or swipe incoming attacks to the sides as both an offensive and defensive move.
  • Energy Blade: Alice can swing her almighty spear to generate razor-shaped energy waves and launch them at enemies with great accuracy.
  • Robot Development: Alice can create other Robots in a very little time scale and also adjust them according to combat circumstances.
  • Upgrade Adjust: Alice can upgrade her robotic creations and immunize them against the fighting methods which gave their preceding forms any sort of major, terminal or crippling damage.
  • Quick Repairment: Alice can fix individuals of her kind, the Robots, or organic beings, such as Vrak, by adding cybernetic implants to them or further increasing their mechanical complexity.
  • Wrath Overgrowth: Alice can, if unsettled, display a brief but enormous increase in resistance and power. Although it increases her energy usage, the amount of damage she can do considerably increases and compensates for the augmented energy influx.
  • Power Intake: Alice can use all of her power in a swift series of moves in order to take down her foes quickly. However, it exposes her vital areas and may make her susceptible to detonate and implode.