Meteor (voiced by Stephen Butterworth) is a meteroid/plasma-themed monster. Meteor is a straightforward and obedient outlaw. However, despite his serious exterior, he has a tendency to act silly, if not childish at times. Examples of this include halting his mission to return to the ship to ask Sledge if dinner is ready, resulting in the bounty hunter quickly returning him to Earth, as well as running away cowardly upon witnessing the fully healed Plesio Zord while pushing the rangers out of his way in order to escape, which ended with him being flung into a nearby mountain by the Plesio Zord.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Meteoroid Blast: From his hands, Meteor can fire meteors made of purple energy in rapid succession.
  • Meteor Ball: Meteor can launch an orange meteor ball that will home in and fire at his enemies, the attack was used on himself by the Dino Charge Rangers.
  • Meteor Shower: Meteor can cause many orange colored meteors to fall from the sky.
  • Fire Rain: Also from his hands, Meteor can shoot fireballs into the sky that will rain down on the target.


  • Spiral Galaxy Blast: On Meteors left arm is a two disc launcher-like blaster that can fire the Planetary Destruction, this move involves firing a barrage of meteors made of purple energy, it is similar to the Meteoroids he fires from his hands, but stronger.