Nojoke (voiced by Simon McKinney) is a scorpion/Tengu-like Toxic Mutant who consumes human laughter as nourishment. He is an oddball, bird-like, blundering Toxic Mutant who is seemingly annoyed with human laughter. He is, however, prone to laughing as a practical prankster himself. He is overconfident in his abilities, which ultimately ends in his death when the Mega Rangers have the last laugh at their final battle and the joke ends up on him as he is destroyed.

Modus and ArsenalEdit

  • He is always seen carrying a gourd that absorbs anyone who laughs or even giggles into it and overtime, the victims will be melted into juice.
  • He can flap his wings to form a tornado and binds people with rings that forces his victims to be tickled until being sucked into the gourd.