Pinkie Pie

Pinkie Pie (voiced by Andrea Libman) is a bright pink earth pony and one of the six ponies that has a part in the Elements of Harmony. She represents the element of laughter and she is one who loves having a good time. Pinkie Pie is very jolly, giggly, hyperactive, but also very friendly. She enjoys playing pranks on her friends but makes sure that whoever she's pranking isn't hurt and just gets a laugh out of it. Her friends often don't take her seriously, but Pinkie begs to differ when the situation demands it. An example is when Ponyville was being invaded by the tiny parasprites and while everyone was frantically thinking of ways to stop them, Pinkie was searching for her instruments because she knew that they can be lured with the help of music. Pinkie Pie enjoys throwing parties and loves sweets.

Pinkie Pie is the wife of Hoof Trooper and the mother of Brownie and Red Beret.


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