Here is how Radcliffe was defeated in The Lost World: Genesis Park.

Inside the Ship, Radcliffe found the baby Carnotaraus.

Radcliffe: Oh, There you are. Come here!

The baby Carnotaurus dodges from Radcliffe trying to grab him.

Radcliffe: Why you little?! Come back here!!!

Baby Carnotaurus: (calls it's mother)

Svengallop: Where's the journals! Where are the Journals!!

Then, Yuna and her friends came with Tigatron, Catilla, the pack of Smilodons and the mother Carnotaurus.

Princess Yuna: Hey! Radcliffe! Svengallop!

Svengallop: Huh?!

Dipper Pines: Looking for these? (showing the Journals)

Svengallop: Give them to me!

Mabel started taunting Svengallop as he tried to snatch the Journals from her and Dipper.

Smildons: (growls and surrounded Radcliffe and Svengallop)

Svengallop: What the...?!

Radcliffe: How'd....?

Princess Yuna: I can be full of surprises.

Tigatron: You two are surrounded now!

Radcliffe: Impossible!

Then, The mother Carnoraurus came after Radcliffe for trying to harm her baby.

Female Carnotaurus: ROAR!!!!!

Radcliffe: Wait! Wait!

Svengallop: This is not good.

Female Carnotaurus: (grabs Radcliffe by the back right wing)

Radcliffe: Wait!

Catilla: Down you go, Tough guy!

Princess Yuna: Sick him!

Dipper Pines: Get him!!

Mabel Pines: Teach him a lesson!

Radcliffe: Wait!

Baby Carnotaurus: (gets ready to attack Radcliffe)


Ferb Fletcher: This has to hurt.

Bart Simpson: Chow, Svengallop!

Svengallop: Oh snap!

Baby Carnotaurus: (jumps and attacking Radcliffe by his left foreleg)


Female Carnotaurus: (watches her baby attacking)

Svengallop: Could this get anymore worse then this!?

The Royal guards arrested Radcliffe and Svengallop.

Princess Yuna: Get the Tranquilizer Gun!

Nyx brought out the gun.

Nyx: Time for you to go home, Big girl. (shoots the dart at her)

Grenda: You can do it, Nyx!

Female Carnotaurus: ROAR!!!!!

The female Carnotaurus was taken back to Pangea with her baby. Yuna closes the cargo hold doors, And the ship sets sail to Pangea.

Princess Yuna: All Right, Nyx!

Nyx: Bullseye!

Princess Flurry Heart: Time to go home!

Phineas Flynn: Have a nice trip!

Snowdrop: We did it!

Princess Skyla: We won!

Princess Yuna: Let's go home.

Scrappy-Doo: Way ahead of ya, Yuna.

Lisa Simpson: I'm glad that's over.

Fievel Mousekewitz: Me too, Lisa.

As the ship took the Carnotaurus family home, The Journals glowing as a calm moment.

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