Here is how Melody was reunited with her parents with the group together again in Genesis Park III.

Meanwhile, the others are still searching for Yuna when Ariel heard a voice.

Melody: Mom!

Princess Yuna: Ariel!

Ariel: I know that voice! Melody!

Prince Eric: Come on!

Melody: Come on! We're almost there!

Yuna and the others were catching up with the loud voice, It was finally getting close.

Princess Yuna: Hurry!

Max Goof: There they are!

The group reunites and Melody is back at Ariel and Eric's arms. So're Dipper and Mabel with their Great-Uncles.

Dipper and Mabel: Grunkle Stan! Grunkle Ford!

Ford Pines: Dipper! Mabel! Kids!

Stanley Pines: (as he and Ford hugged them) We sure missed you two!

Melody: Mom! Dad!

Ariel: Melody! (as she and Eric hugged her) I thought we'd lost you!

Prince Eric: We were beginning to worry! How'd you found us?

Max Goof: I heard your cell phone, Twilight.

Sir Kay: Do you still have it?

Twilight Sparkle (Human): My cell?

Spike (Human): I thought you had it.

Twilight Sparkle (Human): Me too.

Jasper Badun: Didn't you have it, Horace?

Horace Badun: I thought I did, Jasper.

Just then, the V-Rex appeared. The Journals glowed as a warning.

Princess Yuna: (hearing the cell phone in the V-Rex's stomach) Uh, Guys?

Snowdrop: I hear it too.

Princess Skyla: Not good.

Sunburst (Human): Run for it!

Flash Sentry (Human): Right behind you!

Pacifica Northwest: Come on!

Applejack (Human): Through the hole over there!

One by one, Yuna and the others each go through the whole of the rusty fence.

The V-Rex: (missed Yuna as she goes through the hole)

Princess Yuna: That was close.

Stanley Pines: Too close.

The V-Rex smashed through the fence, He was about to gain on them.

Starlight Glimmer (Human): Or not.

Snowdrop: Here we go again.

The V-Rex: (started chasing again)

Adam: Run!

Princess Yuna: In Here!


They've closed the door as quick as possible.

The group reached an old shelter and looked around.

Princess Yuna: Wow!

Rarity (Human): (panting)

Dipper Pines: Now, That was close.

Mabel Pines: Well said, Dipper.

Sour Sweet (Human): Phew.

John Smith: At least no one else got hurt.

Then, Yuna notice what Rarity was keeping safe in her backpack.

Princess Yuna: Rarity, What do you have in your backpack?

Rarity (Human): (opens her backpack) Uh... I can explain.

Princess Yuna: Raptor Eggs.

Inside Human Rarity's backpack, it was reveal has raptor eggs.

Rarity (Human): That's not what it looks like.

Princess Yuna: How could you steal the eggs?

Rarity (Human): I thought I could... You know.... Make money?

Sweetie Belle (Human): That is selfish of you, Rarity!

Emerald: How could you!?

Sour Sweet (Human): (angrily) Are you crazy!?

Ford Pines: What were you thinking, Rarity!?

Twilight Sparkle (Human): We got ourselves seperated from Yuna because of you!

Spike (Human): Those Raptors out there were after us!

Rarity (Human): I didn't know it would endanger anyone. I don't know what I was thinking. I felt so greedy.

Princess Yuna: (angrily) I hope you're proud of yourself.

Then, Rarity began to cry.

Human Rarity: (sobbing) I don't know why it keep getting in the way!

Rarity ran away in tears when she sobbed, She felt guilty as Yuna calms down.

Ford Pines: Rarity, Wait!

Sunset Shimmer (Human): I'll get her.

Rarity was straight downstairs, Sunset followed her along with the others.

Rarity (Human): (has tears in her eyes) What have I done?! I didn't know what just happened, Sunset.

Sunset Shimmer (Human): Cheer up, Rarity. It's okay. We're going to do what we can to work things out in Genesis Park.

Rarity (Human): Really?

Twilight Sparkle (Human): Yeah, I'm sure there's other things we can do round the park.

Princess Yuna: Even you're one of Solarna, Sharon and Max's best and close friends, ever since Dipper, Mabel, Dusty and I found Fantasyland.

Rarity felt much better, She tried away the tears and hugged Yuna.

Rarity (Human): Oh, Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Princess Yuna: Come on. We're going to return the eggs once we're done.

Rarity felt better and agreed, The Journals glows in calming site.

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