Smokescreen (voiced by Brendan Lovell) is a Flatulence/Samurai-themed monster and outlaw subervient to Sledge. Smokescreen tends to boss others around hen it is to his advantage, but he is also quick to withdraw responsibility if something involves risk to his well-being. He is also clumsy, thinking aloud and revealing the plot that he has been sent to accomplish to the Rangers. His pronounced ego ultimately causes him to pay the ultimate price.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Fart Fog: From the two pipes behind his back, he can "fart" out red stinky fog.
  • Camouflage: Smokescreen can also cloak himself in a crimson fog of his own making, both invisabilizing enemy sight and confusing them with a putrid scent.
  • Forhead Laser: Smokescreen can fire yellow energy lasers from his forehead.
  • Energy Lasers: He can also fire purple energy lasers, were he fires them is unknown.
  • Serpent Transformation: Smokescreen can fuse his legs into a snake-like tail for faster degrees of mobility.


  • Fog Sword: Smokescreen is armed with a sword for close melee combat.
  • Paralyzing Red Lightning: Smokescreen's sword also has a lightning-like effect to slow his enemies down.