Spellbinder (Dino Charge)

Spellbinder (voiced by Callum Stembridge) is a crow-like magic-themed monster who serves under Sledge. Spellbinder is an opportunistic outlaw who is willing to achieve his mission at any cost and to do so with class. Despite so, he is also shown to be more patient and friendly than other outlaws, as he calms Wrench with a tap at the shoulder as Curio watches on, proves loyal to Sledge despite the threats and respecting Fury as well. His usefulness is high, as his magic amulet proves worth saving, even after death.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Arrow Feathers: Spellbinder can generate and unleash feather projectiles in rapid succession, making it in a manner of throwing knives.


  • Claws: Spellbinder has clawed hands that can be use in combat.
  • Energy Empowerment: Spellbinder can charge up his claws with purple energy for an increase in power.
  • Magic Pendant: From the pedant on his chest (the same one he stole from Moanas shop), Spellbinder can fire purple energy lasers that can put people under his spell, however it takes time for the full effect to take hold, the spell can be removed if the pendant is destroyed.
  • Reflector Cape: Spellbinder possesses a resilient cape capable of deflecting most attacks.