Here is the transcript of The Epic Adventure of Scrappy-Doo.

The pilot episode began at CN City, Scrappy-Doo was treated miserably like an outcast.

Scrappy-Doo: Isn't there anybody who cared about me!?

Robotboy: You okay, Scrappy?

Scrappy-Doo: Yeah, I'm okay.

So, He took off on his own.

So, Scrappy sets out finding a place to stay. Soon, He started at the Cul-De-Sac.

Scrappy-Doo: I wonder what I'm good at then being around this city.

Just then, He noticed Ed, Edd n Eddy getting their butts kicked by Ralph.

Ralph: And don't come back, Stupid Eds!

Eddy: Hey, You can't blame us for trying to make the neighborhood a better place, Ralph!

Ed: (chuckles) That was fun!

Edd: You had to do things the easy way. Didn't you, Eddy?

Eddy: Okay, What other ideas you got, Double D?

Edd: Wait a minute. What's Scrappy-Doo doing here?

Ed: Hiya, Scrappy!

Scrappy-Doo: Finally someone recognize who I am!

Eddy: Scrappy, My brother from a Doggy Mother! How's it hanging?

Scrappy-Doo: Good.

With Scrappy feeling down, Edd looks sorry for him.

Edd: Are you okay, Scrappy, What's wrong?

Scrappy-Doo: It's everybody in CN City, They never recognize me about who I am.

Eddy: Yeah. (sighs) I remember that I made everyone angry before going to my bro's home.

Edd: Indeed, We know exactly how you feel.

Scrappy-Doo: I bet you three could use my company.

Ed: Sure, Scrappy.

Edd: We'd be honored.

Eddy: Say no more, Scrappy. We're in!

And so, They set off on an adventure of a lifetime.

Soon, They came to the bear cave of the Bear Brothers.

Grizzly Bear: Brothers, We've got visitors!

Scrappy-Doo: Hi, Grizzly, Panda, Ice Bear. How's it hanging?

Panda Bear: Doing awesome.

When Scrappy and the Eds were about to come inside, Ice Bears stand in front of them.

Ice Bear: Ice Bear recommends you to wipe your feet on welcome mat.

Edd: Ice Bear is right, We don't want to be rude to our own friends.

When they got inside after wiping their feet, The bears tired to make them feel at home.

Grizzly Bear: I hope you guys make yourselves at home.

Scrappy-Doo: I don't get it, How long since you three live in a cave like this?

Panda Bear: In about years from now, We've got nowhere else to go.

Scrappy-Doo: How come?

Grizzly Bear: Cause we couldn't afford a new house, We only have a few friends.

Ice Bear: Ice Bear mostly helps older keep each other together.

Scrappy-Doo: You three must be living as outcasts or something.

Ed: Love your cheese!

Edd: Why don't you guys come travel with us? There's much fun adventurous things to do.

Scrappy-Doo: Good idea, Double D. (to the Bears) So, You guys in?

Grizzly Bear: I'm in.

Panda Bear: Me too.

Ice Bear: Count Ice Bear in.

As they packed their belongings, They set off to another place.

Just as they came across a big valley, They were amazed with the view.

Scrappy-Doo: Wow!

Edd: Look at this!

Panda Bear: Never seen this place before.

Just then, Skunk, Rabbit and Fox notice them.

Skunk: Hey, Guys!

Eddy: Hey there.

Fox: What brings you boys all the way here?

Scrappy-Doo: We were just strolling around CN City, Nothing too important.

Rabbit: I notice what you mean, Scrappy.

Skunk: Mind if we tag along with you guys?

Scrappy-Doo: Sure.

So, They started traveling along with them.

As they set sail, They came to Stormalong Harbor.

Bubbie: Well, Look who we have here! If it ain't Scrappy-Doo, the Eds, the Bears, Skunk, Rabbit and Fox.

Scrappy-Doo: Hello there, Bubbie.

Then out of Bubbie's sprout, Flapjack and K'nuckles came out.

Flapjack: Hi, Friends. You guys having an adventure?

Eddy: You we are, Flapjack.

Grizzly Bear: You two wanna join us?

K'nuckles: That depends, Grizz. Why should we anyway?

Ed: We got jawbreakers!

K'nuckles: In that case, Count us in!

Flapjack: Adventure!

K'nuckles: Adventure!

Scrappy-Doo: Now, We're talking!

Skunk: Alright!

Fox: You approve, Bubbie?

Bubbie: You know it, Fox. (to Scrappy) Scrappy, You take good care of my baby. You hear me?

Scrappy-Doo: Got it.

Flapjack: Don't worry, Bubbie. We'll have a great adventure, All of us.

Bubbie: Have fun, Baby.

K'nuckles: Okay, Scrappy. Lead the way.

Scrappy-Doo: You got it, K'nuckles.

At last, They journey on through the seven seas and past Candied Island.

Soon, They arrived at the Park.

Mordecai: Hey, Scrappy. How's it going, Dudes?

Scrappy-Doo: Going great, Mordecai.

Edd: Any plans you two have after work?

Rigby: Well, Mordecai and I got nothing in our mind.

Mordecai: All we do is slack off and play video games all the time. What else should se do?

Grizzly Bear: You two wanna join us?

Just as Mordecai and Rigby finished their jobs, They set off and joined them for the adventure.

Soon, Everyone arrived at Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends.

Scrappy-Doo: Well, Here we are. Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends.

Eddy: So, It was the home for Imaginary friends.

Just then, Mr. Harriman opened the door.

Mr. Harriman: Good afternoon, Master Scrappy. Can I help you?

Scrappy-Doo: We're here to see Bloo.

Mr. Harriman: Master Blooregard is with Master Mac and their friends upstairs, Miss Francis will take you to them right now.

Ed: Hiya, Frankie!

Frankie Foster: Hi, Guys. What brings you all here?

Scrappy-Doo: We were traveling around CN City, Frankie.

Panda Bear: Is it okay if we spend the night here?

Frankie Foster: Sure thing.

So, Frankie showed them around the house.

Later, Frankie showed them the guest room.

Frankie Foster: This is where you sleep.

When they got in, They met with Mac, Adam Lyon, Lazlo, Cow, Chicken, I.M. Weasel, I.R. Baboon and their friends.

Scrappy-Doo: Hi, Guys.

Mac: Hey, Scrappy. What're you all doing here?

Scrappy-Doo: We're on our own traveling.

Grizzly Bear: Scrappy here was keeping us together as a group.

Edd: Which one of you guys like to join us?

Bloo: I'll go if Mac goes.

Mac: Sure, Scrappy. I'm in.

With that said, The rest of the guests agreed to go with Scrappy-Doo and company.

That night, Scrappy-Doo made big plans with his friends.

Scrappy-Doo: I have a big plan.

Eduardo: What is your plan, Senor Scrappy?

Scrappy-Doo: Tomorrow, We're leaving this town for our own adventure.

Lazlo: What?! Leaving, Why?

Scrappy-Doo: Because we were treated miserably as outcasts that some people barely recognize. Have any of you ever considered yourselves as outcasts for once in your whole lives?

Mac: Yes.

Adam Lyon: Many times, Until I was transferred to Charles Darwin's Middle School after my last name was misspelled.

Jake Spidermonkey: Welcome to the club, Adam.

Lazlo: Well, Some of my friends and I are outcasts once summer's over.

Chicken: Well, You guys ain't the only ones being treated as outcasts.

I.M. Weasel: So, Scrappy. What do you suggest we should go by morning?

Scrappy-Doo: I don't know yet, But we'll found out soon enough. We'll talk to Frankie once after breakfast. Goodnight.

And so, Everyone rested up for the night with a good rest.

The next morning, Scrappy-Doo spoke with Frankie about their adventure outside of CN City.

Frankie Foster: Scrappy, Are you sure you want me to go with you guys?

Scrappy-Doo: Of course we do, Frankie. Besides, We're all in this together.

Mr. Harriman: Very well, Master Scrappy. You have my permission. (to Frankie) And no need to worry, Miss Francis. I'll take care of everything until you get back.

Frankie Foster: Thanks, Mr. Harriman. You're a lifesaver.

Just as everyone was packing, Chicken was loosing his patient.

Chicken: Come on, Cow! We don't wanna keep Scrappy-Doo waiting, We've getting the show on the road!

Cow: Coming, Big Brother! (jumps on Chicken)

Chicken: (comes out flat) Why do I even bother!?

Ed: Ready when you are, Monkey Man.

I.R. Baboon: That's I.R. Baboon to yous, Ed.

As Frankie starts the RV, Everyone set off right outside of CN City.

Along the way, Cow was singing to herself annoying Chicken.

Cow: (singing) We're Going on an Adventure! We're Going on an Adventure! We're Going on an Adventure!

Chicken: Shut it! I'm only sitting with you because Frankie said I had to.

Cow: Wanna count my teeth?

Chicken: That's it, I'm sittin' with the Eds! (moves with the Eds)

Ed: So, Chicken. Are you excited about the adventure we're going?

Edd: I always look forward to find some new places.

Eddy: You and me both, Double D.

Chicken: That makes three of us, Eddy.

Eddy: You know it, Chicken.

Windsor Gorilla: So, Wilt. I take it you have apology issues?

Wilt: Well, Sometimes, Windsor.

Coco: (Cocos: meaning she's glad Scrappy-Doo invited them)

Slips Python: Me too, Coco.

Little did they know, The Red Guy was spying on them.

Red Guy: Hello, It's me! The Same Evil Red Guy from Cow and Chicken. Still born a bad guy.

So, He scouts ahead as he begins to report this to Wuya and her Heylin lackeys.

Back with Scrappy and his friends, They finally reached Nicktropolis.

Frankie Foster: Well, This is it.

Scrappy-Doo: Nicktropolis, Looks like a nice place this time a year.

Bloo: Yeah, You're probably right.

Jake Spidermonkey: Let's check it out.

So, They reach a hotel to stay for the night.

When they got hear, Everyone settled in their hotel rooms.

Frankie Foster: Alright, Everyone. Grab yourselves settled in, And we'll have a look around the city.

Henry Armadillo: Okay, Frankie.

And so, They settle their hotel reservation as they look around Nicktropolis.

Later that day, There was a festival that's starting as the Mayor of Dimmsdale begins his announcement.

Mayor of Dimmsdale: As Mayor of Nicktropolis, I would like to announce the anniversary of our beloved city.

Chompy: (bleeds)

Mayor of Dimmsdale: That's right, Chompy. Let the Festival Begin!

SpongeBob SquarePants: Yes! Yeah! Yeah! All right!

Patrick Star: Hooray!

Sandy Cheeks: Yee-ha!

Soon, Scrappy and his friends caught up with the Festival.

Scrappy-Doo: Come on, Frankie! We don't wanna miss the fun!

Frankie Foster: I'm hurrying!

Just then, Scrappy accidentally bumped into Gilbert and Shellbert.

Scrappy-Doo: Oops, Sorry.

Gilbert: Watch it!

Shellbert: Bumping into anyone almost made me nauseous.

Edd: Our apologies, We didn't meant to.

Soon, The rest of Scrappy's friends came across the other ones from around Nicktropolis.

Scrappy-Doo: Let's introduce ourselves, The name's Scrappy-Doo.

Ed: Hello, My name is Ed.

Eddy: I'm Eddy.

Edd: Please to meet you, My name is Edward. But everyone calls me "Double-D".

Grizzly Bear: Hey, I'm Grizzly.

Panda Bear: I'm Panda.

Ice Bear: Ice Bear.

Skunk: I'm Skunk, This is Fox and Rabbit.

Flapjack: Hi, Friend. I'm Flapjack, And this is K'nuckles.

Mordecai: I'm Mordecai.

Rigby: S'up, I'm Rigby.

Mac: I'm Mac, And this is Bloo, Wilt, Eduardo, Coco, And Frankie Foster.

Adam Lyon: Name's Adam Lyon. And this is Jake Spidermonkey, Windsor Gorilla, Slips Python, Guadalupe Toucan a.k.a. Lupe, Ingrid Giraffe, Virgil Sharkowski known as Bull, And this is Henry Armadillo.

Lazlo: I'm Lazlo.

Raj: My name is Raj.

Clam: Clam.

Edward T. Platypus: I'm Edward T. Platypus, And this is Samson Clogmeyer, And Chip and Skip.

Cow: My name his Cow, And this is my Big Brother, Chicken.

Chicken: Hi, How do ya do.

I.M. Weasel: I.M. Weasel.

I.R. Baboon: I.R. Baboon.

SpongeBob SquarePants: Nice to meet you. My name is SpongeBob SquarePants, And this is my best friend, Patrick Star.

Patrick Star: Hi.

SpongeBob SquarePants: And these are our friends, Gilbert, Norbert, Shellbert and Missy, Harvey Beaks, Fee and Foo, Mr. Blik, Waffle, Gordon Quid, Human Kimberly, Katilda, Daggett and Norbert Beaver, Treeflower, Linnea, Bing, Truckee, Barry Bear, CatDog, Winslow T. Oddfellow, Lincoln, his ten sisters, Lori, Leni, Luna, Luan, Lynn, Lucy, Lana and Lola, Lisa and Lily, And his best friend, Clyde McBride, Sandy Cheeks, Squidward Tentacles, Mr. Krabs, Plankton, Tommy and Dil Pickles, Chuckie and Kimi Finster, Phil and Lil DeVille, Tommy and Dil's cousin, Angelica Pickles, Susie Carmichael, Ickis, Oblina, Krumm, Arnold Shortman, Helga G. Pataki, Gerald Johanssen, Harold Berman, Phoebe Heyerdahl, Rhonda Wellington Lloyd, Stinky Peterson, Eugene Horowitz, Sid, Sheena, Brainy and Nadine. And we welcome you all to Nicktropolis.

Scrappy-Doo: Thanks, And it's a pleasure to meet you guys.

Oblina: Very nice to meet you.

So, Everyone greeted each other as good friends do.

Krumm: So, What brings you guys in our town anyway?

Scrappy-Doo: Well, My friends and I were just been an outcast looking for an adventure.

I.M. Weasel: Let's say we have a get together at our hometown, CN City.

SpongeBob SquarePants: Sure, We'd be glad to come. (to his friends) Wouldn't we, Guys?

Patrick Star: Yeah.

Henry Armadillo: I can hardly wait for a Fun time with some new friends.

Tommy Pickles: What've we got to loose.

Later, They pack their belongings for their trip back to CN City.

After visiting Nicktropolis, Scrappy-Doo and his friends returned to CN City.

Frankie Foster: Where to next, Scrappy?

Scrappy-Doo: Well, I've been thinking, We should pay a visit to the Xiaolin Temple.

Windsor Gorilla: I second that idea, Scrappy.

Harold Berman: Yeah, Me too.

Stinky Peterson: Same here.

Sid: Then, What're we waiting for?

Coco: Co Co Co.

So, They make their way back to CN City.

When they got back, They finally came to the CN City.

Scrappy-Doo: We're back now.

Bloo: But which way is to the Xiaolin Temple?

Edd: Frankie, Could you check the GPS?

Frankie Foster: I'm on it.

As Frankie look, She could see how close everyone's getting.

Frankie Foster: We're almost there, Guys.

Guadalupe "Lupe" Toucan: Look!

Squidward Tentacles: There it is!

At last, They made it to the Xiaolin Temple.

When everyone got here, Master Fung came and greeted them.

Master Fung: Greetings, Young ones.

Scrappy-Doo: (as he and his friends bowed) Good to see you again, Master Fung.

Master Fung: What brings you and all of your friends to the Xiaolin Temple, Scrappy-Doo?

Scrappy-Doo: Well, We've traveled out of CN City and to Nicktropolis and decided to learn to fight.

Just then, The Wudai Dragon Warriors, Dojo Kanojo Cho and Grand Master Dashi came to see them.

Omi: Hello, Friends!

Raimundo Pedrosa: What brings you guys here?

Scrappy-Doo: We're here to ask if you guys could teach us your technique, So we can do good deeds.

Grand Master Dashi: Don't you worry, Scrappy. We'll teach you and your new friends everything there is to know.

Dojo Kanojo Cho: Yeah, Anything for our friends too.

Grizzly Bear: Thanks, Guys. I can hardly wait.

Squidward Tentacles: Well, La De Freaked Da.

With it settled, Master Fung, Omi, Clay, Raimundo, Kimiko, Ping Pong and Grand Master Dashi trained Scrappy-Doo and his friends by using the Shen Gong Wu and martial art skills.

Ping Pong: Very impressive, Scrappy.

Scrappy-Doo: Thanks.

Then, Omi brought out the Orb of Tornami.

Omi: Orb of Tornami!

Ed: Cool.

As Scrappy dodged it, He uses the Fist of Tebigong.

Scrappy-Doo: Fist of Tebigong!

With one biggest punch, I.M. Weasel dodged the earthquake attack.

I.M. Weasel: Third-Arm Sash!

Eddy: (dodged) Fancy Feet!

As Eddy runs with the Fancy Feet, Raimundo was well prepared.

Raimundo Pedrosa: Sword of the Storm!

Edd: Reversing Mirror!

Edd uses the reversing mirror, And the storm blew Raimundo back.

Raimundo Pedrosa: (levitated gently down) Nice one, Double-D.

Edd: Thank you.

Suddenly, Wuya and her Heylin alliance appeared out of nowhere.

Wuya: Hello there.

Scrappy-Doo: Wuya, You got a lot of nerve coming here along with your Heylin Gang!

Edd: Oh dear!

Jack Spicer: Hand over the Shen Gong Wu!

Ed: No, No, No.

Katnappé: Then prepare yourself for a cat scratch. Meow!

Grizzly Bear: Put em up! Put em up! Put em up! Put em up!

Scrappy-Doo: Lemme at 'em! Lemme at 'em!

Skunk: (kicks Katnappé) How'd ya like that, Fur ball Breath!

Katnappe: (on the ground) You'll pay for that!

Chase Young: Surrender the Shen Gong Wu!

Scrappy-Doo: Never!

Omi: We will never surrender our Wu! Shroud of Shadows!

Jack Spicer: Hey, That's no fare!

Just as the fight goes on, All the Shen Gong Wu were in place as Raimundo and Hannibal got to them.

Raimundo Pedrosa: Hannibal, I challenge you to a Xiaolin Showdown!

Chase Young: Make that a Showdown Trio.

Scrappy-Doo: Better make it a Showdown Quarto.

Chase Young: Very well, I wager the Ruby of Ramses.

Hannibal Roy Bean: I wager the Moby Morpher.

Raimundo Pedrosa: Come on, Scrappy.

Scrappy-Doo: We wager the Golden Tiger Claw and the Serpent Golden Tiger Claw and the Serpent's Tail.

Scrappy-Doo: The game is Capture the Flag. First to Ten Points wins all of the Shen Gong Wu including the Eagle Scope, the Monkey Staff and the Moby Morpher.

Chase Young: (chuckles evilly) Very well, I except your challenge.

Scrappy-Doo: Let's go.

Altogether: Xiaolin Showdown!

In the Xiaolin Showdown, Scrappy-Doo was amazed to see what it's like during a showdown.

Scrappy-Doo: This is so incredible!

Raimundo Pedrosa: ???, .

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