Here is how the Raptor Eggs and the laboratory were discovered in Genesis Park III.

Later, The search party for Melody begins when Nyx spotted something.

Nyx: Uh, Guys. Look.

Emerald: I don't believe it!

Sunset Shimmer (Human): Whoa!

Lemon Zest (Human): No way.

There are a lot of eggs in a few nests of the Velociraptor.

Princess Yuna: (looked at Journal 1) Raptor eggs. There could be a pack of any type of raptors, Let's go.

Then, Rarity secretly stole a few raptor eggs and puts them in her backpack.

Rarity (Human): There.

Emerald: Come on, Rarity!

Rarity (Human): Coming!

Princess Yuna: Look! An old laboratory? Twilight, What do you make of it?

Twilight Sparkle (Human): It seems to be abandoned for decades.

The Journals were glowing as a warning.

Soon, The group goes inside the lab and looked all around.

Armor Bride: Look!

Princess Flurry Heart: Amazing.

Grenda: I've never seen anything like it.

The foals discovered some old jeeps, tour vans, pickup trucks and rescue vans.

Armor Bride: Those are Jurassic Park Jeep.

Apple Bloom (Human): Golly.

Gideon Gleeful: Golly's right, Apple Bloom.

Princess Skyla: What are they doing here?

Princess Yuna: They must have moved them here.

The foals saw some Jurassic Park Tour Vehicles, it was painted green, yellow and red.

Bart Simpson: Ay Camabra!

Candy Chiu: It's incredible.

Phineas Flynn: It sure is, Candy.

Princess Yuna: Amazing! There're also some at Golden Oaks Library's vehicle room.

Princess Flurry Heart: Cool!

Sir Ector: Now, Let's get out of here quick for anything else happens.

They've looked around and discovered the hatched eggs.

Princess Skyla: I can't wait to tell Dean Cadance all about this.

Princess Flurry Heart: I know, Its amazing.

Later, Sir Ector and Sir Kay found something.

Sir Ector: Look at those!

Sir Kay: This must be an embryo safe.

Thunder Spectrum took pictures of the embryos.

Trixie took a look at the embryo safe one by one, Then stopped at the Velocirptor.

Trixie (Human): (blowing raspberry)

The Velociraptor blink it's eye, Trixie noticed it.

Trixie (Human): What the...?

Velociraptor: (growls)

Rarity (Human): (screams)

Princess Yuna: It's a real raptor!

The Velociraptor chased them around the lab, Then all ran over the cages.

Flash Sentry (Human): It's locked!

Apple Bloom (Human): Here's another one! (opens the other one)

Velociraptor: (screech trying to tear them to peaces)

Princess Yuna: (force the door to trap it)

Velociraptor: (screeching for help)

Princess Yuna: My word!

Twilight Sparkle (Human): What is it?

Princess Yuna: It's calling for help.

Twilight Sparkle (Human): Let's get out of here!

Velociraptor: (climbs up the door to escape)

Yuna and the others ran out of the lab and into the jungle again, The Velociraptor calling the other raptors.

Sir Ector: Keep Going!

Dipper Pines: We're coming, Sir Ector!

Sunburst (Human): Keep Running!

Bart Simpson: RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!!

The Velociraptors begins the chase, The group ran into the herds of dinosaurs and other prehistoric herbivores.

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