Here is how the Venatosaurus Rex makes an appearance in Genesis Park III.

Later, Yuna woke up and notice the dart in her neck.

Snowdrop: Yuna! I think they're looking for someone.

Princess Yuna: It feels like I've been on a hangover.

Armor Bride: Only you got hit with an Elephant Tranquilizer Dart.

Princess Yuna: That explains it.

Princess Flurry Heart: Let's check it out.

Yuna decided to check it out Then, The Journals started to glow as a warning.

Outside the plane, Ariel was looking for Melody and Max.

Ariel: (yelling) Max!? Melody!? Max!? Melody!? Max!? Melody!? Max!? Melody!?

Princess Yuna: Who shot a tranquilizer dart at me?

Prince Eric: That would be Jasper. (points at Jasper)

Jasper Badun: Come on, Horace!

Princess Yuna: This is getting us nowhere!

Twilight Sparkle (Human): What's going on here?

Princess Yuna: What are they doing?!

Prince Eric: They're making perimeter to make sure if it's safe.

Princess Yuna: On this part of the island, There are no such thing as "safe"! We have to get back on that plane!

Ariel: Max!? Melody!? Max!? Melody!?

Princess Yuna: And tell Ariel to stop making any loud noises. That was a very, very bad idea!!!

Prince Eric: Ariel!

Ariel: Max!? Melody!?

Prince Eric: Ariel! Princess Yuna says that was a very bad idea!

Ariel: What?!

Prince Eric: She says that's a bad idea!

Ariel: What's a bad idea?!


Prince Eric: What is that?

Snowdrop: It's a Tyrannosaurus.

Twilight Sparkle (Human): Or a Spinosaurus.

Sunset Shimmer (Human): Or a Carnotaurus.

Starlight Glimmer (Human): Do you think it's either of them, Yuna?

Princess Yuna: I don't think so. (pulls out Journals 1, 2, 3 and 4 and looked at it) It sounds even bigger then either of them.

Flash Sentry (Human): Come on!

Sir Ector: Let's get out of here!

Sunburst (Human): Wait up!

There was a gunshot, It came from the jungle.

Rarity (Human): Let's get back on the plane!

Spike (Human): Hurry!

Sweetie Belle (Human): Let's go!

Princess Skyla: What's happening?

Sir Kay: We have to leave!

The Royal Crusaders: Run!


Flash Sentry (Human): It's getting close!

Starlight Glimmer (Human): Back in the plane!

Sunset Shimmer (Human): Let's go!

Horace Badun: We have to leave right now!!!

Yuna and her group hurried on board the plane but Jasper was nowhere to be seen.

Rarity (Human): What about Jasper?

Sir Ector: Jasper is a professional! He can handle himself!

Just as a gun was heard with a roar, The Journals glows red like crazy.

In the plane, Sir Ector and Kay had to start the Plane again.

Sir Kay: Get it over with, Dad!

Sir Ector: (starts up the plane) I'm trying, Kay!

Rainbow Dash (Human): Hurry!

The plane starts, Horace closes the door, the plane started on the runway, As fast as lightning. Jasper appears not far from here, Waving his arms.

Jasper Badun: HEY!!

Trixie (Human): What is that?!

Jasper: STOP!!

Princess Yuna: That's Jasper!

Jasper Badun: Stop.

Sir Kay: Get out of the way! We can't stop!

Suddenly, A humongous dinosaur almost grabbed Jasper as he escaped just in time running for his life.

Sir Kay: Oh NO!!!!

The plane flies up but it hits the dinosaur, Causing it to go out of control.



Applejack (Human): Whoa!

The plane lost control, It runs through the jungle into the vines and right into the tree branch.

Scrappy-Doo: What a ride!

Baljeet Tjinder: I think I am getting a heart attack.

Gideon Gleeful: Me too, Baljeet.

Twilight Sparkle (Human): That was close!

Vanellope Von Schweetz: You said it!

Sir Kay: Who has the cell phone?!

Twilight Sparkle (Human): I do.

Princess Yuna: (opens the door, looks down and closes it)

The phone was about to slip off, but Horace gabbed it.

Horace Badun: I got it.

Pinkie Pie (Human): What're we suppose to do now!

Brownie: Don't Ask Me, Pinkie!

Emerald: I'm sure we'll think of something!

Rarity (Human): I hope so!

Suddenly, They heard footsteps.

Fluttershy (Human): Oh Dear!

Prince Eric: What is that?

Sir Kay: I have no idea.

Horace Badun: It sounded close.

Sir Ector: It sure does.

Something appears on front of the plane, It fell off.

V-Rex: ROAR!!!

The V-Rex grabbed Horace by the belt, pulling him away, And the belt snap as Horace dropped.

Horace: AAAAAAAAHHHH!!!! (tossed the satellite phone into the V-Rex's mouth and it swallows it as Horace ran for his life and was nowhere to be seen)


The plane fell to the ground and the group ran for their lives and the V-Rex started chasing.


Emerald: It's gaining on us?!

Rarity (Human): It's Not Stopping!

Littlefoot: Come on, Fievel!

Fievel Mousekewitz: (panting) I'm coming, Littlefoot!


Princess Yuna: Come on!

Yuna and her group ran into the bushes, Into another area.

Princess Yuna: In here!!!!

Yuna and her group walked further through the jungle.

Flash Sentry (Human): (panting) Do you see anything, Yuna?

Princess Yuna: I think we lost him.

They kept on going deeper as the V-Rex kept searching for it's prey.

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