Here is how Princess Yuna and her friends travel through the Jungle in The Lost World: Genesis Park.

Later that night, Yuna and her friends work on their own plans.

Gideon Gleeful: How're we gonna find the docks?

Grenda: It's a jungle out there.

Princess Yuna: We'll need to split up to find a quicker way to the docks.

Snowdrop: I'll go with you, Yuna.

The foals and children went another way while searching for a short cut.

Princess Yuna: Any luck yet?

Bart Simpson: Not yet, Yuna.

Lisa Simpson: But we'll keep looking.

Princess Yuna: Hey, Everypony! Look!

Princess Skyla: What is it, Yuna?

Princess Yuna: Columbian Mammoths, Titanotylopus, Indricotheriums and Sivatheriums!

The Mammoths, Titanotylopus, Indricotheriums and Sivatheriums are gathering round Yuna and her friends.

Sunburst: Look at the kids go.

Cassim: We've seem to taught them well.

Ford Pines: We all can teach each other sometimes.

Thorax: Well said, Ford.

Bart Simpson: Ay Camabra!

Nyx: (looked at Journal 13) Wow, They're magnificent animals.

The foals ride on the Titanotylopus and the Columbian Mammoths with their Matriarch.

Peter Griffin: Isn't this wonderful, Roger.

Roger Smith: It sure is, Peter.

Joe Swanson: Let's hope we'll make to the docks that way.

Hermes Conrad: No doubt, Joe.

Princess Flurry Heart: Isn't this awesome?

Princess Skyla: I'll say, Big sis.

Just then, The Journals were glowing gold like pure ones.

Meanwhile at Canterlot, Luna was sleeping when she hears Isamu crying.

Prince Isamu: (crying)

Princess Luna: Shh, Hush now, Isamu.

Prince Isamu: (calming down)

Princess Luna: It's alright, Mama's here.

Prince Isamu: (snuggle with his mother)

Princess Luna: You're okay, My little one.

Luna set a music box next to her bed. The music box plays "Once Upon a Time in New York City".

Princess Luna: (brings out Isamu's bottle of warm milk)

Prince Isamu: (sucking his bottle)

Princess Luna: (burped Isamu)

Prince Isamu: (belch)

Princess Luna: (rocking Isamu to sleep)

Prince Isamu: (sleeping with his Mama)

Princess Luna: My little Isamu.

Prince Isamu: (sleeping) Mama.

Princess Luna: (kisses her baby) Oh, Yuna. If only you could see how much your little brother misses you.

Princess Solarna: It'll be okay, Mom. Yuna will be back.

Princess Luna: I hope you're right, Solarna.

Luna felt more despaired, Solarna comforts her.

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