Wheelie (voiced by Tom Kenny) is a Decepticon turned Autobot, who helped Sam and our heroes find Jetfire to learn more about the Decepticon symbols in their minds. Wheelie is considered a troublemaker. When he was trying to steal the shard from a vault he is immediately caught by Mikaela, who destroys his left eye with a blowtorch. He pleads for her to give him the shard as The Fallen needed it and would die if he failed. She then locks him in a suitcase and flies to the East Coast to rendezvous with Sam. When Mikaela, Sam and his dorm mate Leo Spitz meet up with former Sector 7 agent Seymour Simmons, Mikaela releases Wheelie from the suitcase and convinces him to translate the symbols from the Sector 7 photo archives. He tells them that it was the language of the Primes and couldn't read it, but offered to find them someone who could. He then helps the humans locate the former Decepticon Jetfire at the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center in Washington, D.C. After Jetfire is awakened, Wheelie swears allegiance to the Autobots as he hates the Decepticons. But in the third film, he was Sam's 'pet', alongside his new friend Brains. Wheelie and Sam have been dumped by Mikaela and Wheelie isn't entirely happy with his and Brains' "living arrangements", as the U.S. government didn't care for the two small robots. His damaged eye is already healed in the third film.

He is also good friends with Duncan and Scootaloo and when he tags along with our heroes in some adventures, he will ride in Duncan's cab or sometimes ride on Scootaloo's back.


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