Wrench (voiced by Estevez Gillespie) is one of the main villains of Power Rangers Dino Charge and, alongside CurioFury and Poisandra, one of the four main subordinates serving Sledge. Later, Wrench comes to serve under Snide and Heckyl, also as one of their main attendants. During Heckyl and Snide's leadership, Wrench took a more active role as general. Nevertheless, that all changed once Lord Arcanon took over, installing Doomwing and Singe in place of the original elites. His position as general is given back to him once Sledge is reunited to him and his comrades. In "Here Comes Heximas" Wrench tried to escape in an escape pod when Sledge's Ship was heading towards the sun, in "End of Extinction", but Heximas took his place. Wrench is a competent general whose passion lies in science. His versatility in science most likely won him Sledge's favor as the ship's primary mechanic and laboratory worker. Though not as passionate in battle, his fierceness is comparable to that of a machine. Most likely, he is literally a machine himself, given his exterior. When it comes to dealing with people, he'd choose his feelings however he'd like in a comparable fashion to Heckyl. However, between Heckyl and Wrench, the latter would retain his sanity. Something they do share in manipulating their own feelings is how they're prone to coming out as immature under certain situations. As one example, putting up a fearful impression during an introduction to another force, which could make the leader look horrible.


  • Despite being mainly a mechanic at Sledge's warship, Wrench is a formidable warrior, more than capable enough to cut his foes down to size with his ax, effortlessly overpowering and defeating the Power Rangers Dino Charge in their normal forms and outmatching them at every turn, even when his enemies are enhanced.