Yuffo (voiced by Joel Tobeck)  is a ladybug-like Insectoid who is the second of his kind to descend onto Earth.

Like Scaraba before him, is summoned by Admiral Malkor after Vrak's suggestion and Creepox's irritation due to the delay of the insect invasion by the Mega Rangers. An alien scientist who attempts to capture humans to conduct experiments on. He is a Coccinellidae-like creature who's design is reminiscent of a UFO. His abilities include being able to trap people in a cocoon-like substance and being able to split himself into five small UFOs to evade enemies as well as to fire strong energy rays from his eyes. Yuffo is a scientist who serves Warstar, he respects Malkor, and he is very snide when regarding the Mega Rangers. However his intellect is not enough to counteract their newfound might, which leads to his demise.