Here is the transcript for Yuna and Vice Principal Luna.

One day, Princess Yuna and Princess Snowdrop are packing their bags, Journals 1, 2, 3 and 4 for their week with Vice Principal Luna. Princess Luna, Prince Hiro, Princess Celestia, Prince Duck, Stanley and Ford Pines are going to take the RMS Titanic for a cruise and honor the wedding anniversary of the Royalies.

Princess Yuna: Well, I guess this is it.

Princess Sharon: It sure is.

Princess Solarna: You're going to spend the week with a friend of Ford Pines, Congrats, Baby sister.

Princess Yuna: Do you have to keep calling me that, Solarna?

Princess Solarna: Yeah.

Dipper Pines: We hope you and Grunkle Stan had a great time, Grunkle Ford.

Pound Cake: Yeah, Ford. You guys are the best.

Ford Pines: Thanks, Boys.

Princess Yuna: (packing her blue-colored toothbrush, blueberry-flavored toothpaste, hair brush, hair comb and Journals 1, 2, 3 and 4) I'm ready.

Snowdrop: (packing her belongings) Me too.

Princess Luna: Alright then, Don't forget to take Isamu with you.

Prince Isamu: (cooing)

Luna puts Isamu on a stroller and the diaper bag on the back of it.

Princess Luna: I've packed everything for Isamu in the diaper bag.

Hiro: We're only going to be gone in a week. Vice Principal Luna will take good care of you two until then.

Stanley Pines: That's right, Kids. V.P. Luna was very great research at science ever since she was at her University. You two have a great time, We'll be back soon.

Princess Yuna: Okay, Stanley, Papa. Don't worry, Mama. We'll be just fine.

Princess Flurry Heart: Bye, Yuna.

Princess Yuna: Bye, Flurry Heart.

At the train station, Yuna and Snowdrop are saying their goodbyes to the family.

Princess Luna: You be a good colt, Isamu. (kisses Isamu)

Prince Isamu: (giggles)

Princess Luna: We'll miss you all so much.

Princess Yuna: We'll miss you too, Mama.

Just then, The train arrived.

Princess Yuna: Bye, Sharon. (as she and Snowdrop hugged their cousin) Bye, Aunt Celestia. Bye, Uncle Duck. (as she and Snowdrop hugged their aunt and uncle)

Princess Solarna: (hugging her little sisters) We'll see you soon.

Princess Yuna: You too, Big sis.

Princess Luna: We'll see you in a week.

Hiro: Keep in touch.

Snowdrop: We'll miss you.

Princess Celestia: You three have a great time with Vice Principal Luna.

Duck: And remember to stay close with her.

Snowdrop: We will, Duck.

Princess Yuna: Solarna, Sharon, Take good care of Indy and Anna while our folks leave.

Princess Sharon: We will.

Princess Solarna: (to her baby cousins) Are you two ready for some fun?

Prince Indy and Princess Anna: (happy gurgling)

Princess Yuna: Bye, Mama. Bye, Papa. (as she and Snowdrop hugged their parents) We'll miss you.

Princess Luna: We love you two so much. (kisses her daughters)

Hiro: (as he and Luna hugged their daughters) We'll see you in the end of the week.

Prince Isamu: (fusses for her mother)

Princess Luna: Aw, It's okay, Isamu. We're only going to be gone in a week. (kisses Isamu)

Prince Isamu: (happy cooing)

And Yuna, Snowdrop and Isamu got on board.

All Aboard: All Aboard!

Princess Yuna: Goodbye! See you in a week!

And they're off to Fantasyland. Luna, Hiro, Solarna, Celestia, Sharon, Indy and Anna, Ford and Stanley and the rest of Yuna's friends waved their goodbyes to them.

Later, They arrived in Fantasyland. Vice Principal Luna was waiting for them.

Princess Yuna: Hello, Vice Principal Luna.

Snowdrop: Hi.

Vice Principal Luna: Hello, Yuna. Hello, Snowdorp. Are you two ready to spend the week in my home?

Princess Yuna: Uh huh, We're ready.

Yuna and Snowdrop we're thrilled to see her again. Luna helped their luggage in the back of her car.

Vice Principal Luna: (notice Isamu) I remember you, Isamu. I saw you just as you three came.

Prince Isamu: (cooing)

Vice Principal Luna: He is just adorable.

Snowdrop: He sure was.

Princess Yuna: Isamu, It's Vice Principal Luna. She's like Mama.

Vice Principal Luna: (picks up Isamu) Come here, Let me take a look at you.

Prince Isamu: (laughs)

Vice Principal Luna: Aren't you just a cute thing.

Princess Yuna: This is gonna be the best week ever.

Vice Principal Luna: And I sure look forward to have you three for a week.

Princess Yuna: (carries Journals 1, 2, 3 and 4 in her bag into the car)

Vice Principal Luna: Now then, Off we go.

At Vice Principal Luna's house, Yuna and Snowdrop were about to have fun. But, Luna had to explain the house rules to them.

Vice Principal Luna: Not so fast! Here are rules in this house. Rule #1, Wipe your feet. I do not want anyone come in without wiping their feet on the mat.

Princess Yuna: (wipes her hooves on the mat)

Snowdrop: (wipes her hooves on the mat)

Vice Principal Luna: Rule #2, No fighting. I do not want to see or hear any argument.

Princess Yuna: Yes, Mam.

Snowdrop: Yes, Luna.

Vice Principal Luna: Rule #3, Always clean up after yourselves. I do not want to see any mess in my house.

Princess Yuna: Okay.

Vice Principal Luna: And Rule #4, Always come and get me if there's anything you need and/or want. Are we clear?

Snowdrop: Yes, Vice Principal Luna.

Vice Principal Luna: Very good. Now, Let me show you to where you fillies to your room.

Princess Yuna: All Right.

Vice Principal Luna: This way please.

Luna led them upstairs.

Later, They came to the guest room.

Vice Principal Luna: Here we are.

The bedroom has double bunk bed, a cool TV, a computer set, a lava lamps (colored rainbow), a video game set, the walls painted blue with turquoise turtles, the Skylanders and Rainboom posters and Jacuzzi. Escpailly, the book shelf filled of books and the desk for the Journals to read.

Princess Yuna: Wow! How'd you make a guest room on this!?

Vice Principal Luna: My older sister and I paid good money for all kinds of good things for our guest. Even for any bills. Ford and I made a fortune when he first visited her.

Snowdrop: Sounds very expensive.

Princess Yuna: That is awesome!

Vice Principal Luna: I'm glad you enjoyed it. (to Isamu) Come here, Isamu. (picks him up) Hi.

Prince Isamu: (giggles)

Vice Principal Luna: Aren't you just precious!? (to the fillies) You girls won't mind if I barrow him to play with, Do you?

Princess Yuna: Not at all, Thanks again.

Yuna and Snowdrop unpacked their things as Vice Principal Luna started playing with Isamu for a while. Yuna puts the Journals on the desk and started to research on them about the Human World of Equestria, Indominus Rex, Zootopia, Pai Zhuq, The Order of the Claw, Animarium, Floating Cliffs, Atlantis, Mount Olympus, Imhotep and of course, Bill Cipher. Then, Luna came to see them.

Vice Principal Luna: Could I help you with your research?

Princess Yuna: Sure, I guess.

Vice Principal Luna: (took Journals #1, 2, 3 and 4 to research) Well, These were remarkable last I've seen them before.

Princess Yuna: I'm just glad Ford gave me the fourth one.

Vice Principal Luna: I am impress.

Princess Yuna: I've been researching many times if I had to.

Vice Principal Luna: I see.

Princess Yuna: It's just personal.

Vice Principal Luna: You and your friends sure kept the Journals safe and sound from the Nightmare Family and Bill Cipher.

Princess Yuna: We tried.

Vice Principal Luna: (feeling very tensed about the Nightmare Family and Bill)

Princess Yuna: What's the matter?

Vice Principal Luna: Nothing, Just tensed.

And so, Yuna continued her researched as Luna checks on Isamu.

Later, They begin playing some games.

Snowdrop: Let's play some games.

Princess Yuna: My Mama, Solarna and I use to play Shoots and Ladders and Tic-Tac-Toe with us. Solarna is always great at this

Snowdrop: Then let's play.

Vice Principal Luna: All right, I'll go first. (spins the spinner) I can go three spaces.

Princess Yuna: (spins the spinner) I can go six spaces.

Snowdrop: (spins the spinner) How many spaces can I go?

Vice Principal Luna: Four. (spins the spinner) Two. Now I go up the ladder.

Princess Yuna: (spins the spinner) One. Darn, I'm going down the slide.

Snowdrop: (spins the spinner) How many?

Vice Principal Luna: Five.

Princess Yuna: Congratulations, Snowdrop! You won.

Snowdrop: I did?

Vice Principal Luna: Yes. Well done, Snowdrop.

Then, They begin playing Tic-'Tac-Toe.

Princess Yuna: Well, Almost got a three in a row.

Snowdrop: I don't care who's winning.

Vice Principal Luna: (marks and X)

Princess Yuna: (marks the last O) I won!

Snowdrop: Three in a Row!

Vice Principal Luna: You won again! Well Done, Yuna!

And they had a great time playing.

Finally, Vice Principal Luna started playing with Isamu.

Vice Principal Luna: Peek-a-Boo!

Prince Isamu: (giggles)

Vice Principal Luna: Peek-a-Boo!

Prince Isamu: (giggles)

Princess Yuna: Isamu sure loved that game.

Vice Principal Luna: Boo!

Prince Isamu: (giggles)

Princess Yuna: (laughs)

Vice Principal Luna: Boo!

Prince Isamu: (giggles)

Snowdrop: Isamu sure does loved it.

Then, Isamu starts to hugging Luna.

Vice Principal Luna: (laughed) Look at him.

Princess Yuna: He's hugging you.

Snowdrop: I think she likes you.

Vice Principal Luna: Indeed he does.

Princess Yuna: (giggles)

Isamu likes Vice Principal Luna because she was just like his mother.

Later, Yuna started helping Vice Principal Luna with Isamu.

Princess Yuna: It's snack time for Isamu.

Vice Principal Luna: Are you hungry, Isamu?

Prince Isamu: (cooing and kisses Luna on her forehead)

Vice Principal Luna: (chuckled) All right then.

Snowdrop: Let's get started.

Princess Yuna: His favorite kind of snack were applesauce.

Vice Principal Luna: (puts Isamu on a highchair) Then, Let's see if we have any.

Prince Isamu: (happy gurgling)

Princess Yuna: Have you found anything yet?

Vice Principal Luna: (found a jar of applesauce) Ah, Here it is.

Prince Isamu: (laughs)

Princess Yuna: My mama use to make airplane noises while feeding me when I was baby and while feeding Isamu.

Vice Principal Luna: Open wide, Isamu. Here comes the airplane. (makes airplane noise)

Prince Isamu: (opens his mouth and eats)

Princess Yuna: There you go.

Vice Principal Luna: Open wide.

Prince Isamu: (opens his mouth and eats)

Princess Yuna: That's it.

Vice Principal Luna: Open wide, Isamu.

Prince Isamu: (opens his mouth and eats) (laughs)

Then, Snack Time is over. It was bath time, Vice Principal Luna brings out Isamu's favorite bubble soap.

Princess Yuna: Look at him. Is our baby brother ready for is bath?

Prince Isamu: (giggles)

Princess Yuna: Isamu loves taking bubble baths.

Vice Principal Luna: Indeed he does. (puts Isamu into the bathtub) In we go.

Prince Isamu: (splashes a bit and giggles)

Princess Yuna: Here are Isamu's bath toys.

Vice Principal Luna: Thanks, Yuna. (gives Isamu his bath toys) Here you go, Isamu.

Prince Isamu: (plays with his rubber ducky)

Princess Yuna: I've seen how my mama give him a bath plenty of times.

Vice Principal Luna: So you do.

Prince Isamu: (plays with his toy boat)

Princess Yuna: Yep, I've even helped out my big sister, Princess Solarna and my cousin, Princess Sharon all the time.

Vice Principal Luna: All right, Isamu. Bath time's over. (get's Isamu out of the tub) Out we go. (drys him with a towel)

Prince Isamu: (giggles)

Later, As Yuna started playing with Isamu.

Princess Yuna: (smells) Ew!

Vice Principal Luna: Ohh, Your diaper's messy. Time to change you.

Prince Isamu: (giggles)

Princess Yuna: (brings out the diaper bag) Here's the diaper bag, Luna.

Vice Principal Luna: Thank you, Yuna. (brings out the changing pad on the table and lays Isamu down) There we go.

Prince Isamu: (smiling)

Princess Yuna: Everything for Isamu is all in the diaper bag.

Vice Principal Luna: Of course. (changing Isamu's diaper)

Prince Isamu: (laughs)

Princess Yuna: Alright, Luna.

Vice Principal Luna: There we go, All done.

Prince Isamu: (giggles)

Vice Principal Luna: (puts hand sanitizer on to avoid germs)

Later, It was time for Isamu's bottle feeding.

Princess Yuna: (here's the oven bell) Isamu's bottle is ready. (checks the bottle's temperature) It's warm enough.

Vice Principal Luna: Thank you, Yuna. (feeding Isamu his bottle) Here you go, Isamu.

Prince Isamu: (sucking his bottle and groans)

Vice Principal Luna: (burps Isamu)

Prince Isamu: (belches)

Princess Yuna: Very good.

Prince Isamu: (kissed Luna)

Vice Principal Luna: (chuckled)

Princess Yuna: He kissed you in the cheek.

Vice Principal Luna: He sure did.

It was bedtime, Vice Principal Luna puts Isamu to bed in his crib. Yuna reads on Journal 2 about the Amulet that Gideon use, Zombie Attack, Blood Rain and Demon Caterpillar.

Princess Yuna: (reading on Journal #2) Those are just unreal.

Vice Principal Luna: Time for bed, Girls.

Princess Yuna: Yes, Luna.

Snowdrop: Okay.

Yuna and Snowdrop brushed their teeth and rinsed. Yuna goes to the top bunk and Snowdrop goes to bottom.

Vice Principal Luna: How about I tell you girls a bedtime story.

Princess Yuna: Sure, My mama always told us that.

Vice Principal Luna: Let me tell you girls about how My sister, Principal Celestia and I became supporters to the Harmony Force Rangers after being rescued by Nadira, Ransik, Diabolico and Loki from Venomark.

The flashback begins as it shows a clip from Power Rangers Harmony Force.

Vice Principal Luna: (watching breaking news with Principal Celestia) Celestia, Look!

New Reporter: Chaos is running throughout the city. People were bitten by some sort of monster. Right now, The Silver Guardians arrived just in time to take them to the hospital.

Principal Celestia: This doesn't look good.

Then, Venomark appeared and bit them.

Ransik: Venomark!

Venomark: Ransik? How did you get here!?

So, Ransik and Venomark fought.

Ransik: There's nowhere else for you to run!

Nadira: (takes Celestia and Luna) Don't worry, We'll take you somewhere safe.

Tirek: Surprise!

Nadira: (screams as Tirek grabbed her) Daddy! Help!

Tirek: Time we take you hostage! (disappear with Nadira)

Ransik: Nadira! No!

Venomark: I'll be back, Ransik! (ran away)

Ransik: Diabolico, Loki. Get them to safety!

Loki: Right away, Ransik!

Diabolico: Let's go!

And Diabolico and Loki took Celestia and Luna to the Secret Lab.

The flashback ends as Luna finished her story.

Vice Principal Luna: That's how My sister and I became supporters ever since.

Princess Yuna: Wow!

Snowdrop: That's amazing.

Princess Yuna: Great story. (hugging Luna) Thank you. Thank you for the story. You're the best.

Vice Principal Luna: Now, Gets some sleep. We've got a big day ahead tomorrow.

Princess Yuna: Okay, Luna. Goodnight.

Vice Principal Luna: (tucked the girls in) Pleasant dreams.

Vice Principal Luna walked to her bed and started humming a lullaby for Isamu.

Vice Principal Luna: (humming "Make a Wish")

Prince Isamu: (started falling a sleep)

Vice Principal Luna: (puts him to his crib) Happy dreams, Isamu.

Before Luna went to bed, She had to check on Yuna and Snowdrop who're just asleep.

The next morning, Vice Principal Luna got up with her messiest hair from last night, brushed and combed her hair, brushed her teeth and was preparing breakfast.

Snowdrop: (yawns) Good morning, Luna.

Vice Principal Luna: Good morning, Girls. Sleep well?

Princess Yuna: Uh-Huh.

Vice Principal Luna: Good, Cause I'm just preparing breakfast.

Prince Isamu: (eating his pancake)

Snowdrop: Your pancakes are delicious.

Vice Principal Luna: Thank you, Snowdrop.

Yuna and Snowdrop finished their breakfast. Luna put her shoes on and buckled them up to her minivan and Isamu is placed on the car seat.

At Canterlot High, Vice Principal Luna brought them to her office.

Princess Yuna: Wow! Your office is nice! (notices the Fantasyland Engine of the year) That's Casey Jr., the Littlest Circus Engine and the prince of Fantasyland. He must be very famous since in Disneyland.

Vice Principal Luna: That's right, Yuna. We've kept track on every engine who deserves to be Engines of the Year. Even Tillie.

Prince Isamu: (cooing)

Snowdrop: It's wonderful.

There was a knock, Twilight Sparkle and Sunset Shimmer's Human Counterpart came.

Twilight Sparkle (Human): Hi, Vice Principal Luna. Hi, Yuna. What brings you, Snowdrop and Isamu here?

Sunset Shimmer (Human): We were just babysitting Cindy for the time being.

Princess Cindy: (cooing)

Vice Principal Luna: I can see that.

Princess Yuna: Vice Principal Luna's taking care of us while our parents and aunt and uncle are out.

Vice Principal Luna: They were having a wonderful time. (to Isamu) Aren't you, Isamu?

Prince Isamu: (giggles)

Twilight Sparkle (Human): Well, We better get back to class.

Prince Isamu: (happy gurgling)

Sunset Shimmer (Human): Great to see you again, Yuna.

Princess Yuna: Same to you, Sunset.

Yuna was having a great time.

Later that day, They delivering the mail.

Snowdrop: What a day at Canterlot High.

Vice Principal Luna: Yes, It was a busy day.

Princess Yuna: So, What's going to happen?

Vice Principal Luna: First we're going with Greendale Rocket to deliver the mail and then we'll visit the mall.

Princess Yuna: Of course.

Snowdrop: Sounds good to me.

Princess Yuna: Ready, Luna.

Vice Principal Luna: Ready to go on a train ride, Isamu?

Prince Isamu: (laughs)

Yuna and Snowdrop set off to help delivering the mail while Luna played with Isamu.

At the train station, Greendale Rocket was ready to deliver the mail.

Greendale Rocket: Greetings, My friends.

Princess Yuna: Hi, Greendale.

Snowdrop: We're ready to deliver the mail.

Greendale Rocket: Alright then, Let's get to work.

Yuna and Snowdrop brought out the mail needing delivered.

Greendale Rocket: Off we go.

Just then, Casey Jr. passed by them with his passengers from Disneyland.

Casey Jr.: Hello, Friends.

Azul: What're you all up to?

Greendale Rocket: We're delivering the mail.

Princess Yuna: Vice Principal Luna is looking after me, Snowdorp and Isamu while our parents, aunt and uncle are gone.

Snowdrop: We're having a lot of fun.

Princess Yuna: Indeed we are, Snowdrop.

Greendale Rocket blow her whistle. Her wheels turns sideways. The Fantasyland Engines had a great chat.

At the mall, There were a lot of nice stuffs they could buy.

Princess Yuna: This is so awesome!

Snowdrop: Sounds like a nice place.

Vice Principal Luna: Yes, It is nice. Now, You may buy one item.

Prince Isamu: (happy gurgling)

Princess Yuna: I bought myself an Ocarina.

Vice Principal Luna: Let's hear it.

Princess Yuna: (plays Jen's song from the Dark Crystal)

Snowdrop: Sounds pretty.

Vice Principal Luna: Lovely.

Prince Isamu: (giggles)

Princess Yuna: You're the bestest mentor ever in the world, Just like Ford.

Vice Principal Luna: I sure can't wait to tell him what a great time you had.

Princess Yuna: Could I spend time with you again anytime soon?

Vice Principal Luna: I don't see why not.

Princess Yuna: Thanks.

Snowdrop: We had a wonderful time.

Vice Principal Luna: So do I.

Then, They left the mall and back to Luna's home.

It was time to go home, Princesses Solarna and Princess Sharon arrived at the train station to take Yuna, Snowdrop and Isamu home.

Princess Yuna: We had a really fun time, Vice Principal Luna.

Snowdrop: Thanks for everything.

Princess Yuna: Yeah, It's been fun while it lasted.

Vice Principal Luna: You two are most welcome.

Prince Isamu: (happy gurgling)

Yuna, Snowdrop and Isamu hugged Luna.

Princess Sharon: Ready to go?

Princess Yuna: Ready, Sharon.

Princess Solarna: Are you all set, Snowdrop?

Snowdrop: Yeah, Solarna. We're ready.

Vice Principal Luna: Bye bye, Isamu.

Prince Isamu: (giggles)

Vice Principal Luna: See you all really soon.

Solarna and Sharon took Yuna, Snowdrop and Isamu to the train station to Canterlot.

Vice Principal Luna: Come back soon!

At Canterlot, A welcome home party for Yuna and Snowdrop was celebrated.

Princess Luna: Yuna! Snowdrop! My sweethearts! (hugging her daughters)

Princess Yuna: Welcome home, Mama, Papa. How's the Titanic?

Hiro: It was wonderful! We just saw the icebergs passing by. Then, Your mother had to cast the spell so we'd go through it. The fireworks of Star Wars were the best part. We've just had the most wonderful time.

Ford Pines: It's good to have you back, Yuna.

Princess Yuna: It sure is great to be home.

Snowdrop: You said it.

Princess Yuna: Could I stay with Vice Principal Luna again anytime, Mama?

Princess Luna: I see no reason why not.

Hiro: We've just missed you so much, Yuna.

Ford Pines: Show us how you played that new Ocarina of yours, Yuna.

Princess Yuna: I'd be happy to, Ford.

Yuna started playing her new Ocarina. With that lovely tune, Everyone loved it.

Princess Luna: You love it, Do you, Isamu?

Prince Isamu: (giggles)

Princess Luna: Bravo, Yuna.

Ford Pines: Well done, Yuna!

Stanley Pines: That's quite a tune you played!

Hiro: Wonderful playing.

Princess Luna: That's is a beautiful ocarina you played, Yuna.

Princess Yuna: Thanks, Mama.

Princess Skyla: Best Party Ever!

Ford Pines: Well done, V.P. Luna. Well done.

Vice Principal Luna: Thank you, Ford. We're just glad to pay a visit.

The foals started celebrating Yuna and Snowdrop coming home.

After the celebration, Yuna writes on Journal 4 about her week with Vice Principal Luna.

Princess Yuna: (writes on Journal 4) "Dear Journal, Snowdrop, Isamu and I had a wonderful week with one of my mentors and Ford Pines' old friend, Vice Principal Luna. You know her, Reminds me of my Mama. Well, It was always fun when it lasted once in a lifetime. V.P. Luna was very beautiful, kind, helpful and always glad to help in anyway. We'd even go to the mall, I got myself an Ocarina. Just a reminder, Always keep in touch with someone or somepony you know. Your owner, Princess Yuna.".

Yuna puts away her Journals. The Journals were glowing white like the moon that day.

                                                                                      The End

In the end credits, Yuna, Snowdrop, Flurry Heart, Twila, Dipper, Mabel, Lavertus, Cassim and Ford are training at the Skylanders Academy with Buzz.

Princess Yuna: Well, That was some training we've been through.

Lavertus: I'm sure you'll get the hang of it.

Ford Pies: Is this all necessary, Buzz.

Buzz: Of course it's necessary, Ford. It's all in the magic.

Yuna was the first to go through the obstacle course as Snowdrop, Flurry Heart, Twila, Dipper and Mabel go next one by one.

Princess Yuna: You're up.

Cassim: Bravo, Young ones.

Dipper Pines: Just getting the hang of it, Cassim.

Mabel Pines: This is awesome!

The Journals were glowing bright as the sun.

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