Zeñorita Cebra

Zeñorita Cebra (voiced by Debi Derryberry) is the daughter of Victor and Zecora and Marty's cousin.


Zeñorita Cebra looks like her father an has her mother's eyes. Her name is a play on words, "Zebra and Señorita" her full name is actually Spanish for "Miss Zebra." Like her mother, she wears golden rings on her neck and forelegs and also has golden ear rings


She speaks with an African accent like her mother and knows some Spanish she has learned from her father. She has also learned a few things from her cousin Marty and her honorary brother Kevin. She is a calm, and very polite zebra. But if her family and friends are in trouble she won't stop at anything to help them. And she'll use any skill she knows to succeed.

Special talentsEdit

She's good at repairing machines like her father and she can make healing brews like her mother. She can fix anything and make anything. She carries around tools and brew making supplies in her knapsack so she can use them when needed. Using her skills she has created a lot of things. She also carries a gun (Webley .455 Mk. VI Revolver) in a secret compartment in her knapsack.

Inventions and brews she createdEdit

  • Purple spice bombs
  • Smoke bombs
  • Pain relief drinks
  • Novout

Fear of Rasputin Edit

Despite being brave, Zeñorita has a fear over Rasputin. This is due to the fact of him being a powerful spirit and she often fears he'll try to turn her mother into an evil enchantress. Or even place a curse on her and her family.

Hatred of Dr. Facilier Edit

But besides fearing Rasputin, Zeñorita has a huge hatred for Dr. Facilier. Because, he tried to steal her mother away from her father during their wedding. She always wishes to give the shadow man doctor a piece of her mind. She also hates how he uses the same skills that her mother uses for evil.